A tile-matching game for hardcore players.
Magical Prisma!
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Main Menu

Multiple options and modes.

Arcade Mode

With online leaderboard

Multiplayer Mode

Fight with your friends

Awesome Roster

10 charismatics characters to choose

Customize your avatar

thousands of assets without micropays

Up to 4 players

Try to be the winner

About our project

this is the Magical Prisma's Time Line.

  • 2006

    A new idea has born

    Odín Campoy had the very first idea about a new kind of tile-matching game and Ursula Lopez make the firsts designs. The project get stuck.

  • June 2018

    The Team

    Odin and Angel meet and decide make a video game together, Odin reworks the whole previous idea and Ursula works on a new design. Also Carlos Vallejo compose the main theme.

  • October 2018

    Kickstarter epic Fail.

    The team liked the project and decide to try to get some funds via crowdfunding, all the project is refined and all the graphics and character were reworked. We totally failed in kickstarter.

  • March 2019

    We are now in Itch.io

    After the Kickstarter failure, we don't give up, redesing the game and characters again, all the core was reprogrammed and we go for a 4th version of Magical Prisma and open our itch.io account.

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Our Amazing Team

Odín Campoy

Game Designer

Ángel Siendones


Úrsula López


We are a 3 member group of developers located in Spain, we also count with the help of our friend and great musician Carlos Vallejo.

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Send us an e-mail through: info@bullwaresoft.com